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Is there a sign up fee?

Yes, a one time charge of $39.99 plus tax

What is the monthly cost?

39.99/month plus tax

What day will I be billed?

We bill on the 1st of each month

Do I have to be a bodybuilder, powerlifter, fitness model, expert level fitness stud to join?

Absolutely not. We welcome members from all walks of life and all fitness levels.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel after 6 months by sending us an email to We do need to receive your notice of cancellation on or before the 20th of the month in order to avoid being billed for the following month.

(If you send us a cancelation email on the 22nd of January, your last billing charge will be on the 1st of February).

What if I need to cancel before 6 months?

Sometimes life happens, we get it. In this case there is a $100 early termination fee. 

What are your hours?

The gym is open 24/7 with key tag entry. New members receive key fob and passcode at sign up.

Do you have child care?

No we do not offer childcare, but our sister-gym, Spanaway Fitness Center, located nearby, does. 
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